I am mainly collecting cels from the Gundam series, but I'll pick up anything nice from a series that I like.

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6/7/2015New scans completed! All of the cels in my gallery have been updated with bigger and higher quality images that are not cut off in any way so you can now see the full cel and anything relevant that goes with it including full backgrounds. Colors also scanned better and are correct now. Still have to do gengas and dougas though so stay tuned for those!
6/6/2015I'm back and holy crap I just got a new scanner that can actually fit all of my cels (even the ones with backgrounds) completely with ample room to spare so I won't be cutting off anything now! I am currently rescanning all my cels and then will crop and upload them when done! (P.S. I also have an awesome new Vegito scan to put up so stay tuned for that as well.)
5/12/2013I also forgot to mention that I have a bunch of Genga to scan in and add as well. So much to scan so little time...
5/7/2013So many new cels it's crazy. I just picked up 60 cels from the Hobby Link Japan's AIC collection and have yet to start scanning any of them in. I would like to get to this soon but for now it's a daunting task.

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Backgrounds (1) 11/22/2012
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (3) 6/7/2012
Crimson Wolf (1) 11/22/2012
Dragonball Series (5) 6/7/2015
G-Gundam (11) 8/17/2014
Gundam 00 (3) 11/22/2012
Gundam 00 Settei (88) 6/27/2010
Gundam Movie 3 (1) 5/23/2010
Gundam X (2) 3/18/2012
Hentai - Magical Twilight (3) 11/22/2012
Hentai - Marine A Go Go (2) 11/22/2012
Hentai - New Angel (1) 11/22/2012
Naruto (1) 11/22/2012
Pokemon (2) 6/7/2015
Rurouni Kenshin (1) 6/7/2015
Tenchi (1) 6/7/2015
Victory Gundam (2) 10/31/2010

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